Your River Ward Team



The next Local Election will be held on in 7th May 2015. The local elections for Medway Council will also be held on the same day. John Jones and Mark Jones will be the Labour’s candidates for River Ward.

 Mark Jones

Mark was formerly the Councillor for River ward from 2003-2007. Mark was formerly the Chair of the Education Committee for Kent County Council and is currently a governor at a local Medway school. He is passionate about education.

John Jones

John was formerly the Councillor for River ward as the previous incumbent was forced to stand doen. He lives in Brompton and is involved in local schools. He is also a passionate advocate for parks and green spaces across Medway.



River Ward Leaflet Winter 2014 by Tristan Osborne

Tories deem neighbourhood too posh for affordable housing

The application relates to a development at Amherst Hill, Brompton.

Chatham bus station – could keeping the lights on have saved £10 million?

In a new report to the Council’s Planning Committee, the reason it was dark has now been made clear – the Tory Council simply didn’t turn all the lights on!